1st Week Subscriber who took the time to learn what the alerts indicate and how to approach the trade setups.  Awesome Job Mitchell

Actual Live Post - Date and Time Stamped 

You can check out how they performed from the Trigger Price, Date and Time.  The Stocks may have retraced some at this point, but not enough for an Alert in the Opposite Direction.  Example a Up Trending Stock post the Trigger Price Date and Time of the Long Watch Alert.  This Report Reads the Last Alert for Time and Price Data.  Stocks remain on the Report until they Trigger a Trend Shift Change by our Proprietary Indicators.


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ALXN Short Call 3/13/2018

dts3wp : March 13, 2018 4:43 pm

ALXN Short Call off Retracement Setup Ended up End of Day down $ 4.00 per share from this Setup alert




New Menu Items – NOW put in your Symbol Watchlist

DTS : February 11, 2018 8:46 pm

That’s right!!!!!  Choose 1 of the Custom Search Menu Items.  Then Enter your Focus Watch List Symbol by Symbol – Results are just Alerts on YOUR Personal Watch List.  These are only the Symbols Listed in our Core Symbol List of 400 Symbols.  Which is on Website for Download in text format.  NOTE:  If you choose Day Trading Custom Search the symbol list is much shorter on that search and the alerts are very fast and abundant as they are the smaller Factor Scans F25 and F50.   F25 ONLY for the nimble quick style traders.  TSLA can trigger and move 2.50 before you see it and Straight back down again.


SHUTDOWN Real Time Alerts will go off line at 1PM EST Thursday 2/8/18 for Upgrades

DTS : February 8, 2018 8:14 am

We are installing new equipment this afternoon, so that we can reload all items tonight for Full Stress Test on Friday.  This will open the door to upcoming changes and then we will have move videos on navigation of the Alert post and more user friendly navigation.  We are dividing the alerts into Price Ranges of Stocks so you can focus more on what best suits your style of trading.  This will also allow more focus setups for different price range stocks.  Example  PBF an F50 Factor is a swing vs a TSLA F50 is an Intra Day Trading Alert.



Markets Overall Condition still Volatile

dts3wp : February 6, 2018 5:44 pm

Don’t think the strong close means this sell off is all done. I like to draw a trend line on Daily / Weekly Chart the use todays lows and look for a revisit / and hold of that level when tested in the coming days. Pete Najarian a well respected trader on CNBC actually stated “I think we’re gonna still see some lower lows”. I agree with some more pull backs or a drift in the next several days back to trend line or even lower lows, when that happens we want to get back above this new trend line and close. DTS

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