Day Trader Setups, LLP Refund Policy


When a member signs up they immediately gain access to our website and (if applicable) our Traders Live Chatroom. And therefore immediately start to benefit from the services offered. We do not give refunds. If you wish to cancel your subscription prior to the next billing cycle you can do so with 5 days notice prior to renewal date. For Paypal users simply do so through Paypal, for credit card payment clients. Simply email Subject: Cancel Subscription on or before the 5th day prior to the next billing cycle and our team will cancel 

your subscription no questions ask. You will not be billed during the next billing cycle.

There are absolutely no refunds in any shape, form or fashion. As well as if you forget billing recurs automatically every month. Our subscriptions are on an “auto renewal” process which will automatically charge your card on every renewal term.


Keep in mind most Trading Websites are selling expensive trading courses. All the knowledge we share and attempt to teach is at no cost to you. If you are using TC2000 charting software (you can sign up right from our site and receive $ 25.00 off your first month). We will internally send you a chart setup and some very complicated and time extensive custom scans to get you started. (Then you can learn through TC2000 Tutorials about building other you might wish to have) We cannot walk you through building scans. If you are trading what we teach you will not need anymore scans as well. If you do not use TC2000 we will give the the basics we have on our charts that you can apply from you current charting package.


Termination for Member Violations

There is no refund if a member is found to be involved in any solicitation to join another service. All such issues shall be reported to Day Trader Setups through our email or contact page. Any member that solicits another site or service shall have an immediate account termination with no refund for unused portion of current billing cycle.

There is no refund if a member is found to be in violation of any of the chat room rules or website rules (see link at top or bottom of this page) We may issue a warning depending on the issue. We reserve the right for instant termination with no refunds of any type.

There is no refund if a member is found to be sharing premium content with non-paying members. There will be no warning for this. It will be instant termination. This includes sharing information from our proprietary watchlist, trading calls from our chatroom, or how we operate our chatroom with outside individuals and companies (the competition).