Subscription Service Features and Details

As a Subscriber to our Service and Chart Setups Members acknowledge their responsibility to perform Due Diligence of stocks featured.  We are not financial advisers and we perform NO Fundamental Analysis.  We are only Price Action and Momentum driven in our charts and ideas.

SPECIAL CAUTION should always be given to stocks about to have earnings and we recommend NOT being in a short term swing trade into a Earnings Release. At the same time using our Pivot System and Chart indicators can prepare you for the after Earnings Release Trade Setups. Subscribers also Acknowledge awareness of News and Chatter Effects on Stock Prices.

Trading View Charts

Access to all STS Pivot System Indicators available on Trading View Charts to Trading View Users (Titles of Scripts start with "STS Pivot" Listed Under Scripts DTSPivotSystem) for all Current Subscription Clients.


Real Time Alerts Posted

Opening Bell -  Many Price Level Alerts and Trend Line Cross Overs Posted at the Open

Intraday Alert -  Large Percents moves that are focus on Inflection Points.  50 Day SMA, 200 Day SMA, Fib Retracement, Old Resistance and Support Levels

These Inflection Points when put together with a quick significant Price move create awesome reversals.  Our Alert takes the Percent Move and Triggers 20 Cents Prior to reaching the Inflection Point.

If you like to fade the move, these are great setups for the Active Trader.

Live Trend Line Alerts

Many with Chart Images

Live Alerts on Intra Day Trend Line/Channel Test and Break Outs

These are ONLY on Day Trader Setups trade list of 100 Stocks


For Swing Trading we recommend looking for confirmation and further evaluation of Stock Level Alerts from the past few trading sessions.



Swing Trader Setups is a division of Day Trader Setups, LLP.  Day Trader Setups is a registered trademark.